Sales automation to sell more, more quickly.

Between mundane, time-consuming tasks and contacts that slip out of your funnel, sales can be tedious. Or at least it used to be.

Ways automation will change your life.

Having sales and automation as part of your Customer Relationship Management software can transform your business capabilities. Not only is all the time-consuming data entry taken care of, but it also makes sure you have the right tools, at the right moment, to gain insights and make more sales.

See how individual team members and your funnel as a whole is performing.


Give individual salespeople tasks to carry out, either automatically or manually.

Marketing automation

Create nurture and drip campaigns to move potential customers down the pipeline.


Provide all the necessary background information directly within each deal and contact record.

No more business cards, napkins, or notebooks.

As soon as a lead shares their info, you pop it into our centralized platform and there it will stay. With everything in one place (including emails!), you can get what you need, see past activity, update with new info, and view a lead’s history.

Don't let anyone slip through the cracks

For personal organization or team task management, automation streamlines, simplifies, and gathers together everything you need in one place. From automated contact management to task assignment to sales routing, you and your team always know exactly what’s going in.

If you need to take over from someone else, just have a look and pick up from where they left off!

Focus your attention on the most promising prospects

Nobody wants to waste time on leads that go nowhere. Maximize your efforts with lead scoring to automatically access the win probability and when you should send phone calls and outreach emails.

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