Talk on their terms with multichannel communication.

Gather all your communication channels—whether email, SMS, Live Chat or more—to never miss a beat in the conversation.

An omni-channel inbox for multichannel success.


Shared, collaborative inboxes where email, live chat, SMS, and other channels culminate.


Sort incoming messages, redirect to individual people, or manage SLAs. You set the rules.


Get both an overview and detailed understanding of what’s going on, from activity to response time to individual performance.

Assign to team

Ensure individual responsibility by assigning specific messages to the best person available—and build workload-balancing automations so they don’t get overwhelmed.


Avoid wasting time rewriting the same messages by saving your best templates and responding in record time.

Multi-channel communication to help you sell more—at scale.

Maximize your sales with multi-channel communication that helps you reach more customers and scale faster. Easily create tailored messages across multiple channels to nurture leads, build relationships, and drive more sales. Expand your reach and open up new opportunities to boost your bottom line.

An unrivaled customer experience

All the customer’s history will be gathered together and easy to see—it doesn’t matter if they message you on Facebook, email you or contact you any other way. With the entire context at your fingertips, you can avoid repeated questions and understand the customer’s mindset.

Quick-and-easy automation

Starting conversations, solving problems, and making sales is what your team is best at. So, let them do that. We’ll take care of the behind-the-scenes busywork. Automate triage or routing, trigger SLA alerts, and instantly organize messages. If it can be automated,
it will be.

Communicate across channels the way.

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