Customize your own campaign

Discover low-effort, high-reward prospecting. Combine personalized emails with LinkedIn automation (or not), adding as many steps as you want. Simply select the time delay between the emails and wait for the leads to respond.

Emails that cut through the noise

Catch your prospect’s attention with personalized placeholders.

Greet your lead with their name, title, company name, alma mater, or more.
Customize your placeholders for highly personalized outreach efforts.
Let your personality shine through with tailored images & GIFs.

Stick with your preferred email provider

We support all email providers, so you can continue using whoever you feel comfortable with.

Manage leads with smart reply detections and start-stop options

The sequence stops the second a prospect replies. What happens next is up to you. Depending on the circumstances, you can continue the conversation yourself or return the prospect to the campaign.

Insights at a moment’s notice

Our analytics allows you to track campaign performance in real time. 

Stay on top of LinkedIn account activity.
Observe individual campaign performance.
Pinpoint the most effective campaigns.

Smart Inbox and Light CRM

A Smart Inbox that seamlessly integrates with your LinkedIn and email.

Talk to all leads in one place.
Label and track your prospects to narrow down your focus.
Make notes to never forget key conversation details.
Save response templates for use later.

Your campaigns. Your needs. Your way.

Want to import a CSV file with relevant data? No problem. Alternatively, we can collect any publicly available email addresses—or go down the Discover & Verify route. The email search can be used for:

LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search results.
Following up with user reactions to LinkedIn posts.
Leads list for Sales Navigator.

Simple, straightforward tool integration.

Like using Zapier, Integromat or another webhook? Connect and push prospect data wherever you see fit.

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