With our sales-oriented email platform, you have full control over sequences, templates, and follow-ups.

Use your own email
—we don’t mind.

Stay with your preferred email platform thanks to easy-sync options. In just a few
clicks, you can import your data and sync up to begin sending emails as normal—
but through our CRM.

Up-and-running at a moment's notice.

With just one click, you can import all the data from your existing email account. Whether you use Microsoft, Google or another email provider, Pipeline.so provides easy connection options to have you up and running in no time.

Keep email chaos at bay.

Track all email communications thanks to our team-friendly timeline,
regardless of where you send or receive them.

The full story, at a glance.

After importing your leads, you can see the entire conversation history in your timeline. Whatever channel, browser or device you use, the messages all end up in the same place.

Automatic organization bliss.

Each email is automatically assigned to the right lead, with the entire history organized for easy access. This allows you to share real-time insights with coworkers, without the need for manual updates.

Email sequences for automatic

We all love to be remembered. Become unforgettable to your prospects with
tailored email sequences.

All the features salespeople love.

Track all email communications thanks to our team-friendly timeline, regardless of where you send or receive them.

Email enrollment. The smart way.

Bulk enroll contacts or companies into your sequence who match certain criteria, and follow up until you get a response.

Give them that personal touch.

All that data neatly stored in our CRM can be easily leveraged for
hyper-personalized emails. And the emails that work…
save them as templates!

Clickable. Relevant. Can't look away.

Achieve the trifecta of perfect email engagement with customized template tags. With these, you can use dynamic lead data to address them by name, highlight their contact info, and even use custom fields.

Be generous with your top templates.

Not only can you save your high-performing templates, but you can also share them with your entire sales team. Something this good shouldn’t be hidden away.

Hassle-free follow ups

Leave time before following up. Simply set the date and your prospect will get the message.

Emails at the right time

Write the email. Schedule it. Forget about it. Our platform will take it from there.

Bulk and target in perfect harmony

Create a bulk email lead list that seamlessly integrates with your sales process.

Simple account toggle

Got multiple email accounts? No problem—and each user can have their own ID to boot.

Inside insights on email opens

Know who opened any email you sent and when.

In-built HTML capabilities

Unimpressed with a WYSIWYG editor? Get hands on with the HTML instead.

Connect and close with

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