A workflow that runs on it's own.

Our optimizations streamline your workflow so every point from first contact to deal won is as smooth as possible.

Focus on the part you love.

With Pipeline.so, your entire sales process takes place under one smart roof.
Whatever you need—from emails and calls to texts, meetings, lead information,
and more—is all available on the desktop app. Easy. 

Super-organized lead lists

Our dynamic lead lists allow you to customize your workflow and prioritize who to contact. You are automatically notified about any kind of follow up to ensure nothing passes you by.

A team that runs like a well-oiled machine

Make sure everyone knows the role they have to play. Within the same inbox, you can assign tasks to yourself or colleagues so everyone kicks off the day knowing exactly what’s in store.

Avoid team blind spots

Leave nobody in the dark. With every touchpoint clearly logged, your team will always know what deals are won, lost, or still in progress.

Connect your email to our platform

The world is better when everyone works together. That’s why we sync up with all emails through easy, one-click integrations. All your data—emails, contacts, calendar, and more—are there in an instant, exactly where you need them.
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