Generate traffic and leads from content you share


Leverage 3rd party content and put it to work for your brand.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Add a branded call-to-action to every link you share.

Drive traffic and generate leads by adding any of your popups, slide-ins and full-screen takeovers to the content you share.

Leverage the hottest content 🔥 on the web to...

And best of all...

You can do this without breaking your stride…

Directly from the page you want to share and with a few clicks inside your web-browser…


Our unique browser bookmarklet

Your new secret weapon for sharing content online.

Smart sharing

Share content based on your smart calendar settings, schedule manually or create a unique shortlink for posting.

Create your asset library

Build a categorised content library to effortlessly organise, share and rotate all your social posts.

Increase engagement

Automatically recycle your best content and see up to 10x more engagement.

Assign your categories

Your colour-coded category automates when and where your posts will go live.

Sync posts

Sync your posts to your social channels. Or un-sync and write a custom status for each platform.

Drag and drop installation

Simply drag and drop the iQueue extension to your bookmarks bar.

Ready to start your own lead gen machine?

Generate more leads with today.

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