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Pipeline.so provides digital agencies with the platform
to take their business to the next level.

Unrivaled lead connection.

Build smart campaigns that do the work for you—and help you get a higher response rate. And once you’ve got a reply, you can assign scores to promising leads based on predefined criteria so you know exactly who to target.

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Easy-nurture capabilities.

From automated email campaigns to handy follow-up reminders, you’ll always know the exact action to take at any given time. Every interaction you’ve had with an individual is recorded on a single dashboard, empowering you to ensure a smooth experience, before and after the sale.

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Flexible format for all agencies.

Is your team office-based? Remote? Hybrid? Whatever your specific context, everyone will always know what’s going on. All lead data, notes, opportunities, and communications are right there for all to see. And when a sales rep completes an assigned action, it will disappear from the list.

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Harnessing the magic of good words.

Positive reviews are vital to build your reputation and scale up your business. You can create tailored review forms with easy-access links to make it as easy as possible for customers to leave reviews. And once you get them, display them on your home page with an infinitely loading wall of love.

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Organization for super-growth.

Poor organization loses deals. Our smart calendar makes scheduling so easy, you’ll never miss out on opportunities. With pre-meeting reminders and automated, post-meeting follow-ups, potential customers will love the individualized attention you give them.

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Accurate forecasts based on real data.

Being able to accurately predict upcoming sales is essential to grow at scale. Our in-depth reporting features allow you to make plans and take actions based on real, constantly updated data.

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