Make the move to an... all-in-one CRM platform.

A realtor’s dream home for data storage and sales optimization.

Prime your pipeline. Sell the dream.

Buying property is a big decision. With’s sales features, you can get in touch with leads at the opportune time and on their preferred channel, so you’re always there when they decide to make the leap.

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Don't waste time on the window shoppers.

With quick follow-up and lead scoring capabilities, you can quickly identify potential buyers who are serious about making an investment. There’s nothing wrong with looking—as long as it doesn’t slow you down.

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Leverage customers to convert customers.

Communication has never been easier. Beyond in-built SMS and video call capabilities, you can automate email sequences for hassle free follow ups—or to request referrals!

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Reach out at precisely the right moment.

Every conversation is logged. Every calendar appointment is synced. Every task is assigned. You will always have all the necessary information to help a customer with their query, even if you’re taking over from your colleague. What’s more, with timely reminders and a dashboard overview of what’s left to do, you’re always in control.

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The power to help new team members. is so user friendly that new team members will be contacting leads from day one. And if they need support, you can replay call recordings to pinpoint ways to improve.

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CRM on the go with the LeadConnector App.

When your sales team visits properties in person, they’ll still have the full power of in their pocket. The LeadConnector app allows you to record data, progress opportunities, or reach out to prospects—just like you would in the office.

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Discover your perfect home
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